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Thank You For Believing

Wednesday, October 2, 2013  
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Heritage Society: An Opportunity to Give Thanks

Homecoming is a time of celebration and reminiscing, but it is also a time to give thanks.

Homecoming weekend will kick off with the annual Heritage Society Dinner and Reception on Thursday, October 10th. The President hosts the Heritage Society members as a way to say thank you for their commitment to the University of Dubuque. Members of the Heritage Society are those generous people who have named the University of Dubuque in their will or have donated to a deferred giving plan.

The Heritage Society, founded in 1980, currently has over 200 members. While many members are alumni, some members are faculty, staff or friends of UD. Four new members will be inducted into the Heritage Society during the Homecoming dinner. New members include: The Reverend David and Julie Dendy; R. Kenneth Jackson and Bonnie R. Jackson; David and Kate Moore; and Dale and Diane Repass.

They are motivated to give for many reasons, including their belief in the University of Dubuque and the students that we serve. Members have established scholarships that students today are benefiting from. Many have also established scholarships that will start when the member passes away – so future students will benefit from their gift.

We are grateful for the generous actions of past and present Heritage Society donors. Acquiring new Heritage Society members will be the key to endowing the University’s future.


Thank you to all Heritage Society members for believing in the University of Dubuque. A list of all current members is below (* indicates those that have passed away since Homecoming 2012).


Mrs. Helen Baumgartner Abben
Mr. Donald D. Ackman
Mrs. Joann M. Ackman
John and Pam Adams
The Reverend Lloyd S. Alamsha
Mrs. Robert N. Allen
Mrs. Margaret R. Allen
Mrs. Edmund Amiss
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Babka
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Bachtell
Mr. Brett K. Bacon
Dr. John S. Baird
Marlyn and Joyce Bausman
Keith and Sue-Ellen (Durr) Beauregard
Mrs. Charlene Berger
Ms. Linda C. Bisignano
Edwin and Barbara Blinks
Mrs. G. Pierson Brauch
Mrs. William C. Braucht
The Reverend Dr. and Mrs. James L. Breed
Stanley E. Brennan
Mr. Kevin L. Brown
The Reverend and Mrs. Jeffrey F. Bullock
Roy and Deborah Buol
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Butler
Dr. and Mrs. B.J. Cannon
Ms. Mary Ellen Carew
Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Casper
Mr. George L. Cassat
Dr. and Mrs. David B. Castrodale
Mr. and Mrs. W. Brad Chalmers
Mr. Joseph A. Chlapaty
Dr. Ralph Garlin Clingan
Mrs. Dorothy G. Clock
Dr. Elmer Colyer
Paul E. * and Ellen J. Conaway
The Reverend and Mrs. Robert A. Conklin
Dr. David E. Conner
The Reverend Floyd J. Conroy
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Couchman
The Reverend and Mrs. James C. Crangle
Ms. Beverly Jo Anderson Curtiss
Mr. Warren L. DeVries
Miss Arline H. Dieterich
Mrs. Margery Dodge
Dr. * and Mrs. Richard H. Drummond
Dr. and Mrs. Arlo D. Duba
Mrs. Jackaline Baldwin Dunlap
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Dunlap
Mrs. Patricia A. Ehrler
The Reverend Jerry G. Elliott
Mr. Kenneth Evers
Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Failor, Sr.
Mr. Frank F. Farber *
Ms. Susan R. Farber
Mrs. Margaret E. Farrington *
Dr. and Mrs. Henry E. Fawcett
Mr. Bruce W. and Mrs. Carol Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. R. Scott Fetner
Drs. James W. Finn and Paula S. Finn
Mr. and Mrs. R. Gerald Fox
Richard and Patricia Franzen
Charles and Joyce Freuden
Russell J. Fuhrman
Mr. Robert J. Gallagher
The Reverend Kim A. Gates
Gerit (Gerry) K. Geiger
Mr. and Mrs. R. Thomas Gibson
Dr. and Mrs. Tom F. Greenawalt
John and Mary Gronen
Mr. Max and Mrs. Jacki Guinn
Mr. David L. Hammer, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Hanke
Dr. and Mrs. Edward J. Hannon
The Reverend Dick F. Harberts
The Reverend and Mrs. Steven L. Harberts
Mr. Robert L. Harrison
Mr. Cliff Hart
Mr. Ronald E. and Mrs. Virginia Heath
Mr. and Mrs. Hank Hector
Col. Werner Hellmer
Mr. * and Mrs. Eldon T. Herrig
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence T. Herrig
Rick Heydinger and Beverly Jones Heydinger
Ms. Rose Marie Hinde
The Reverend and Mrs. Warren M. Hoffman
Doug and Karen Horstmann
Mr. and Mrs. Jim H. Houtz
Mr. Dayton G. Howe
The Reverend and Mrs. Earl A. Huebner
Dr. and Mrs. Stan Jewell
Mr. and Mrs. William O. Johnson
Ann E. Joines
Miss Adell Jones
The Reverend Claude J. Jones
Dr. and Mrs. David L. Justis
Dr. and Mrs. Don Kahle
Mrs. Jewel Kintzinger Day
Ms. Lee M. Kotnour
Mrs. Barbara Bray Kruse
Roger J. Kuhle
Richard T. La Barge
Mrs. Fred Lambert
Mr. Stuart H. Larkin
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Larson, Jr.
Miss Ruth J. Laube
Mrs. John W. Law
Mr. * and Mrs. Aaron Liepe
Dr. and Mrs. Arnold D. Lindaman
Mr. and Mrs. Rolland Lorenz
Mrs. Myron L. Lorenzen
The Reverend and Mrs. Robert E. Lucas
Mr. Paul E. Maher
The Reverend Richard N. Major
Mrs. Jane Sumpter Malone-George
Mr. Jerry S. Maples
Mrs. Gwendolyn L. Martin
Mrs. Patricia J. Mason
Mr. John O. * and Mrs. Elaine S. McCandless
The Reverend Heidi McGinness
Ruth and David McGuire
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. McTague
Mr. * and Mrs. Warren L. Melchert
Mr. and Mrs. J. Bruce Meriwether
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Middents
Mrs. Gayle A. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Miller
Mrs. Glynn Ann Murray
Milton Mussehl
The Reverend Alton J. Myers
Mr. Robert L. and Mrs. Jane Wheeler Nagel
The Reverend and Mrs. Donald L. Neely
Mr. and Mrs. Donel G. Nelson
Dr. and Mrs. Alexander G. Nides
Mrs. Mary H. Norton
Robert and Susan Noth
Dr. James E. Odenkirk
Dr. and Mrs. Clark B. Offner
Merlin G. Osborn, M.D.
The Reverend Duane H. O’Tool
Douglas C. and Lois (Quade) Pearce
Ronald and Katherine Pearson
Dr. Charleen Peryon
Mr. George B. Peters, Jr.
Ms. Carrie Peterson
Dr. George H. and Mrs. Pauline B. Pike
Mr. Henry P. Pillard
Dr. Elizabeth E. Platt
Ralph and Fran Plimpton
The Reverend and Mrs. Jack Porter
Jack and Suzanne Preiss
Dr. Louis J. Prues II
Mrs. Russell J. Rafoth
Mr. Edward S. and Mrs. Nan Rebholz
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Richard
Lt. Col. James A. Riddick
Dr. Roderick D. Riggs
Patricia Pav Riggs
Ms. Susan H. Ritts
Mr. and Mrs. * Joel L. Samuels
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore H. Schaumburg
Mrs. Tony P. Schavone
Mrs. Albert G. Scheele
Mr. Philip Carl Schiele
The Reverend William G. Schlobohm
Mrs. Margie L. Schmidt
Mrs. Henry G. Schoon
Mrs. Martha Schultz
Dr. Robert R. Schwaegler
Miss Claire R. Schwanebeck
Mr. Hans H. and Mrs. Jo Ann Schwantje
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Schwartz
Lois S. Selmar and John W. Selmar
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Selway
Mrs. Jean Schaffer
Mr. Gordon H. Sheffield *
Mr. Edward H. Sheppley III
Tom Shirmang
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Shouer
Mrs. Eugene K. Siekmann
Timothy and Victoria Slemmons
Mr. and Mrs. Jack H. Smeltzer
Sonya P. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Sonksen
Mr. Alan B. Spensley
Ms. Andrea C. Spirtos Gassman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Stanley
Mr. Harold G. Stein
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Stockdale
Mr. Charles E. Stoltz, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Stoltz
Michael C. Stoltz
Mr. Charles E. Stoltz, II
Alvin and Marcine Straatmeyer
The Reverend Dr. and Mrs. H. Gene Straatmeyer
Mr. Richard J. Stricker
William and Alice Thomas Stubblefield
John and Hanna Sturman
Mr. William J. Svrluga, Jr.
Mrs. William J. Tammen
Saundra Lee Gade Templeton
Mrs. Mary E. Thompson
Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Thompson
The Reverend and Mrs. George K. Tjaden
Mrs. Margaret Tommasini
The Reverend Debra Traxler
Mrs. Louise Barrett Turner
B.J. Ukena
Mrs. Maynard Ukena
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Van Iten
Dr. and Mrs. Lyle D. Vander Broek
Mr. Lewis E. VanHoose
Mrs. Myron C. Vincent
Mr. John C. Voorn
Dr. C. Howard Wallace
Mrs. Nancy L. Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Watt
Mrs. Helen Watts
Mr. Jack J. Wertzberger
Col. and Mrs. Robert A. Wicklund
Mr. David G. Williams
Arlys Kannegieter Williams and Delbert Williams, Jr. M.D.
Maribeth E. Woolsey
Dr. and Mrs. Sargent J. Wright
Mr. N. J. Yiannias
The Reverend Cathy F. Young and Mr. Rick Young
Mrs. Ralph E. Young
Gary Zeck
Mr. Dale and Mrs. Ruth Zschoche


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